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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Begin at the beginning...

Welcome. I don't know how you stumbled across this. I could ask if you have nothing better to do. You could ask the same thing. The answer may well be no...

I wonder what my stars say this week*. I doubt they reflect how dramatic I intend it to be. After 8 years in the same company I'm planning to resign. Probably tomorrow. If I can drum up the nerve. And then starts an interesting experiment - just how long can I go without doing anything?

And when I say anything, I really mean "work". I've done it pretty solidly for the last 16 years, so it may be hard to break the conditioning. I'll need lots of distractions, and this is just one of them.

So welcome once more to the diary of a work shy fop. (With apologies to Vic and Bob, and we'll have to explore the "fop" part some other time.)

* Of course I don't believe in astrology. But then, that's typical scorpio for you...


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